I had been putting up with chronic migraines for some time when an intuitive told me I did not need to keep having headaches and that I should see Dr. Natalie. Once I started receiving regular CranioSacral Therapy and chiropractic adjustments, my headaches began to disappear. Dr. Natalie taught me to pay attention and recognize the signs that came before a headache hit. I discovered that I used to clench my fists before the onset. Now when I realize that I’m clenching my fists, I take time to do deep breathing or some yoga poses and relax, and that prevents the headache from even beginning. If I get a migraine now, it’s because I haven’t seen Dr. Natalie in a while. When I pay attention to my body and get adjusted on schedule, I no longer experience migraines. 

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments and CranioSacral Therapy changes my outlook on life. I appreciate that I don’t have to suffer from the pain and so does my family! No one has to deal with chronic migraines; they just need to see Dr. Natalie.

~Whitney Webb, May 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Natalie Kurylo for almost three years now. It has been an amazing journey.

On the path of the performer and headed for a career as a professional dancer, I felt nothing would stand in my way. However, on July 16, 1999, I was in a car accident that stripped me of that dream. The grief and almost unmanageable chronic pain lingered for a full ten years. I tried everything both Eastern and Western medicine had to offer, even going as far as to have steroids directly injected into my spine. Nothing seemed to mitigate the pain and life as I knew it was forever changed. Until, of course, a warm, brilliant, and empathetic chiropractic physician appeared in my life.

 Just as I was accepting what I thought was my fate, Dr. Natalie Kurylo changed it all. For some reason, I immediately trusted this woman and was diligent in keeping regular chiropractic appointments. My severe back pain was greatly diminished almost immediately, and, with regular chiropractic, I was delivered from the hell of chronic pain that I had known as my reality for a full decade.

 Life then became a “get to” rather than a “have to”. I GOT to do the dishes, vacuum, pick up children, and engage in simple tasks that many people feel are mundane. The absence of the deep, dull pain in my lumbar spine, a constant reminder of the lifestyle and identity as a dancer I lost, lifted.

 I am now a dance instructor at Broadway Academy of Performing Arts and I am able to once again perform with Circle Modern Dance Company, of Knoxville. Reconnecting with my joy has brought my life new meaning.

 Looking back, I can think of no other word more fitting than “Gratitude”. Grateful for the lessons I learned and every moment grateful for a life without the limitations of chronic pain. I am grateful beyond words for Dr. Natalie Kurylo, whom I know as my doctor, mentor, and dear friend.

~Kari K. Driscoll, April 2012

Once I started seeing Dr. Natalie Kurylo for chiropractic care, I knew that I needed to bring my whole family in for care. My 7-year-old son was most eager to try it. During his initial visit, Quinn had the opportunity to learn about what chiropractors do and to ask questions. He was big smiles during his adjustment: I could see things being put right for him. Between appointments he’d ask me to press down on his back, pointing out specific areas, to adjust him like Dr. Natalie does. His body was telling him what he needed, and he was determined to attend to its requests.

At his third appointment, which he came to very cranky after a long day at school, we experienced his energy source being turned on during the adjustment. He came off the table in a completely changed mood—happy and energized. So much so that he went into the reception area, grabbed the model spine, and took it to the adjustment table to try his hand at chiropractics. My older son jokes that we have a chiropractor in the making thanks to Dr. Natalie! Aside from the physical progress, I can see that my son’s temperament, mood, and overall emotional disposition have become more settled. Dr. Natalie’s care is helping him to grow more comfortable in being who he is, in body as well as spirit.

~Wendy Southern, February 2012

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